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Persona - Ingmar Bergman - 1966

Bibi Andersson

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Christopher Morris, A man sleeps in a subway car, 1981

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One of my favourite horrors, if not my favourite, it’s The Abominable Dr. Phibes, from 1971. A gloriously dark comic romp where a crazed, heartbroken organist plots revenge against those who let his wife die on the operating table. Beautifully directed by Robert Fuest, it drips with period atmosphere, and if I hadn’t have been trying to do this poster so simply, I’d have loved to have included the brilliant supporting cast. Great score from Basil Kirchin too.

Tempted to do a companion piece featuring the other Phibes ‘look’. 


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Chiyo Nukaga


Can’t wait to see them in 2 weeks

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